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How Working as a Judge, Lawyer, and Midwife Taught Me What Really Matters
By Sheri A. Raphaelson

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These inspiring true stories portray the life of a dual career lawyer and midwife. Come along on an unusual journey filled with humor, sadness, social awkwardness, self doubt, ethical dilemmas, and cultural lessons. Visit inmates in prison, argue to a jury, and sentence a heroin addict. Deliver babies at home in rural New Mexico, and poor hospitals in the Caribbean and Africa.

Through the intimate style of the author, look directly into the hearts and minds of the criminals, women in labor, their babies, and everyone else her odd life brings her in contact with, including a dead cow. Be surprised at the emotion and beauty you can find in death, a jail cell, the back of a police car, and other unlikely places.

These compelling stories will bring you closer to finding your personal answer to “What does it all mean?”

Sheri A. Raphaelson is a District Court Judge in New Mexico. She has been a lawyer for twenty-three years, focusing on criminal defense and civil rights. Sheri has also been a Licensed Midwife for twenty years. She has always maintained a small homebirth medical practice while working in law full time.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-922-3
176 pp.,$18.95

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