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A Woman Reporter in New York City in the 1940s
By Jeanne Toomey

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In New York City in 1948, a dozen or so reporters founded the New York Press Club to improve relations between newspapermen and the judiciary and police department. One of these "newspapermen," and the only living founder is Jeanne Toomey, a law school dropout for financial reasons. At twenty-one years of age, she joined the staff of "The Brooklyn Daily Eagle" and was sent to cover police headquarters, alternating between Brooklyn and Manhattan. What went on behind all those headlines? The inside story of the sex lives, the disasters, comic episodes, and the general mayhem of those who report the crime of a great city is faithfully recorded in ASSIGNMENT HOMICIDE. With bail bondsmen, judges and cops, the only woman among one hundred men, the author was the envy of her female friends. When the reporters--she dated some of them--launched their press club, they also introduced the district attorneys and police commissioners to their hectic, alcohol-fueled world. Heartaches, passionate mix-ups resulting in sudden death, plane crashes, jail breaks, complex court cases--every kind of disaster--were daily fare for reporters in America's largest city.

Here is their story: uncolored, unbiased, bigger than life.

INDEPENDENT PUBLISHER reported: "An enlightening, insightful and entertaining read. ASSIGNMENT HOMICIDE, BEHIND THE HEADLINES transports the reader back through nostalgic, first-person anecdotes of what newspaper reporting (and life on the streets of New York at the time) were all about from veteran New York Police Department reporter Jeanne Toomey."

Jeanne Toomey is also the author of the Sunstone Press mystery, MURDER IN THE HAMPTONS.

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