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The Legend of El Chivato
By Elizabeth Fackler

“An exciting tale, crammed with historic detail and told with skill, action, and a bit of whimsy.” PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

“Relies on actual letters, court records, and eyewitness accounts while filling in the holes of the unknown with plausible fiction and realistic dialogue, not to mention excellently rich detail of place and period. The ensuing events emerge as compelling tragedy laced with irony and fueled by friendship, loyalty, and love. Most memorable is Billy himself. The Kid and the time he lived in come off the page and capture the imagination.” KIRKUS REVIEWS

“In Fackler’s hands the saga, like Billy himself, never grows old.” TEXAS MONTHLY

“‘Quién es?’ Billy asks when he realizes a stranger waits in the darkness of Pete Maxwell’s bedroom. ‘Who is it?’ That is the question Billy might ask of himself and all those who rode with him and against him. Billy the Kid: The Legend of El Chivato is the best and most complete answer. It is a magnificent achievement in historical fiction.” WESTERN WRITERS OF AMERICA

“She makes the legend live.” ELMER KELTON

“Fackler recognizes the enduring appeal of Billy’s brand of individualism run amok, but she tempers the romance with reality. Above all, she sees Billy as the product of a hard life and hard times.” BOOKLIST

“A gifted novelist can bring history alive better than any historian. Elizabeth Fackler’s Billy the Kid is no doubt the best depiction ever of those gripping events in Lincoln County. She brilliantly brings Billy and the other complex and tragic characters alive, and makes us care about them all. She is a master storyteller and writes with a perfect honesty that makes everything real. This book is destined to live for generations, the ultimate expression of an American legend. Readers will put it in an honored place on their bookshelves, and return to it again and again.” RICHARD WHEELER, author of Goldfield

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When young Englishman John Tunstall arrived in Lincoln County, New Mexico Territory, in 1876, he felt he had found the true frontier at last. Here was the toughest little spot in America, and he jumped eagerly into the game of getting rich. Lawyer McSween coated his own ambition with pious motives, but his worldly wife predicted disaster. Their marriage, and McSween’s alliance with Tunstall against the local kingpin of the corrupt Santa Fe Ring, set the fuse for the bloody Lincoln County War. In the explosion of violence that followed, Billy Bonney slowly rose from obscurity to become “The” Kid of American legend. This is how it happened.

ELIZABETH FACKLER is the author of the critically-praised Seth Strummar series of western novels as well as novels of psychological suspense. Her latest mystery is When Kindness Fails. She lives in the Pecos Valley of New Mexico.

Inside This Book

6 X 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-401-3
514 pp.,$24.95

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