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A Novel
By R. M. Lienau

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Alessandra “Alex” Petersen, an unhappily married woman from West Texas, is rescued from a fall into the cold waters of Holy Ghost Creek, a tributary of the Pecos River in Northern New Mexico by mysterious Mark Cassidy. After drying off at his nearby house, she goes to stay at a female friend’s house in Santa Fé. Thinking her friend gone, she is horrified to find not only her friend, but her husband, both murdered. Jeremy Radcliff, retired ex-CIA agent, is blackmailed into finding and eliminating—permanently—a fellow ex-CIA agent, a woman who happens to be Mark Cassidy’s sister, Evelyn, who is hiding out with her brother in their Holy Ghost Canyon safe house. Suspicions, lethal connections and coincidences abound, leading to a surprising finale in Holy Ghost Canyon.

Richard M. Lienau, with a background in electronics and computer technology, holds more than twenty U.S. Patents. He has written several novels, including Night Run, The Maltho-Rose Plot, Gavilan, The Truchas Light, and Legacy of the Light, the last three from Sunstone Press, along with a number of screen plays, short stories and articles. He lives in San Miguel County, New Mexico.

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6 x 9
ISBN: 978-0-86534-803-5
232 pp.,$24.95

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